On 8 June 2023 we ran a webinar to explain the key changes to our regulatory arrangements. You can view a recording of the webinar here. An additional webinar focussing on Continuing Competence (CPD) was held on 21 September and the recording can be accessed here.  The 16 November Transparency and Costs information webinar can be accessed here.  

On 1 July 2023, IPReg's new regulatory arrangements (IPReg’s rules and regulations) came into force.  The arrangements comprise of:

  • the Core Regulatory Framework, setting out the Overarching Principles, Code of Conduct and the authorisation, admission and investigation and disciplinary requirements
  • the Standard Operating Procedure which sets out procedural matters in relation to authorisation and admission to the register, the disciplinary process and applying for a waiver of IPReg's Rules
  • the Glossary of terms

These new arrangements are accompanied by Guidance on various procedural and technical areas of IPReg’s rules.

In addition, the following rules have remained in place relating to fees, professional examinations, the conduct of litigation and advocacy and IPReg’s compensation scheme:


IPReg's repealed rules and regulations can be viewed in the tab on the left hand side.

If IPReg receives a complaint about a regulated person's conduct, the complaint will be assessed against the rules of conduct in place at the time.  For example, if IPReg receives a complaint in August 2023 about conduct that occurred in 2022, the regulated person will be judged against the Rules of Conduct that were in force in 2022 (i.e. the previous Rules of Conduct).  However, the disciplinary procedure that will be applied will be the new procedure in force from 1 July 2023.